Elementary School Students

Sessions are individualized to your child’s strengths, learning style and needs. A variety of activities will keep your child engaged and motivated.

Language Arts skill building in reading, phonics, comprehension, writing, and spelling

Writing strategies and working through long term assignments

Math: all primary through upper-elementary topics: problem solving, concept development and computation. Manipulative, hands-on materials demonstrate concepts and involve your student in the learning process.

Games to motivate learners, reinforce skills, and prepare for tests

Computer strategies: Shortcuts to make writing easier. Organizing work on the computer. Keyboarding skills.

Specialized multi-sensory techniques for beginning readers

Matching books and materials to a student’s reading level

Organizing assignments: strategies for long term tasks

Consultation with classroom teacher to coordinate curriculum goals and strategies (as appropriate, and only with parental permission)

“At home” games and materials to reinforce skills provided as appropriate

IEPs: Coordination with child’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for special needs students

Study and & test taking skills and strategies