Why are we different?

It’s comfortable
Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere conducive to work. Our offices are all equipped with computers to enhance your productivity and learning.

Flexible scheduling to fit your real life
We work around your sports, dance, music and other activities. Your assignment due dates and test dates are considered too!

Team approach
We meet with you individually, but you benefit from our team collaboration on materials and strategies.

Not a one size fits all practice
We find your learning and cognitive style and then structure our approach to your strengths. In the process, you learn to play to your own strengths and fence in any weaknesses.

Holistic view
We’re cognizant of what’s happening in ALL your subjects, not just the one being tutored.

Between sessions
For written or other long-term assignments we’re available to work with you by E-mail to help you meet deadlines and assignment expectations. Sometimes, working a small chunk is easier than doing the “whole task.” We’ll provide feedback so you know that you’re on the right track. Games for younger students and follow-up activities are provided for students as needed.

Strategies for minimizing stress and gaining success
We will help you succeed.