Middle School Students

For some students, middle school subjects are a challenge. For many bright kids, it’s the first time they really “have to study.” For others, it’s motivation, study skills, organization or other learning issues. We tease out the factors and help you conquer the course, learn how to learn, and achieve the best possible grade.

Math: Skill building, basic math, pre-algebra and algebra instruction. With your input and our work together, we'll identify your strengths, determine what’s challenging for you, and how to work around it. We’ll help you gain problem solving and computation skills as needed.

English, writing and language arts: Our tutors are familiar with your curriculum and the literature you are assigned. We’ll guide you through the material. If you’ve done the homework, we’ll briefly review the material, help shore up the soft spots and reinforce content as needed. You’ll find sessions rewarding and productive. Long term (or even week long) writing assignments can become a challenge. We sort out the requirements, help you get papers started, and get them done!

Academic support in all middle school subjects including French and Spanish.

Computer strategies: Shortcuts to make writing easier. Organizing your work on the computer. Keyboarding skills are taught as needed.

Alternate approaches: Use new strategies to prepare for school tests, day-to day assignments and written work. Bolster any weak skills with specialized techniques.

Manipulative, hands-on materials to demonstrate concepts and involve students in the learning process. We teach you HOW to learn more efficiently, how to prepare for tests, and to become an independent student.

Organizing assignments: We work with you to help you identify your learning style and the strategies that work best, whether for learning or organizing time, material, or other tasks. Together, we untangle the chaos and set up a system that works. The result: assignments are completed and handed in!

Not all students require all services or strategies. We’ll pick what’s right for you!